Summer Solitude: Fruit Lovers’ Paradise, Zika Recommendations

Planning a getaway for next winter or maybe a beachy summer break? Don’t postpone joy, come down and see us this wonderful tropical time of year!

Summer 2016 is shaping up to be a beautiful one for visitors. While last summer we experienced record-breaking drought, we had plenty of rain in May of this year so the trees and gardens are beautiful and green and verdant. Valeria continues to expand her orchid collection on the trees around the property, and many are in bloom.

In general, summer is a great time to experience the island of St. Croix as locals do. Stores and restaurants are happy to serve customers, the throngs of tourists and snowbirds are gone, and people are relaxed and enjoying family life. You may have to plan a little more carefully for some sites and tours, as summer hours for some attractions may be limited. But it’s a small price to pay for enjoying this wonderful season of the year in the Virgin Islands. 

Summer is the prime season for enjoying flowers and local fruit. If you love tasting new things, plan to come in July this year for the 20th annual Mango Melee festival at the Botanical Garden! During the summer, farmers’ markets will feature delectible treats such as soursop, many kinds of mangoes and plums, tiny fat fingered bananas, pineapples, genip fruits, dragonfruit, local cherries, jackfruit, sugar apple, sapotes, and many other tropical treats that are too delicate to be exported.

The Zika virus has been in the headlines this year. Unfortunately, it is recommended that young adults who are pregnant or trying to conceive a baby soon should avoid travel to Zika-affected areas, including the Caribbean and Latin America. The good news is, the risks are lower for other people. Exposure to the virus can be easily limited with a few precautions for all other travelers, and 80% of people who contract the virus have no symptoms at all. We wanted to share this article from NPR that gives a lot of detail on the risks, and the best way to avoid catching Zika

Come and enjoy the calm and quiet summer beaches. In summertime the days are long and sunny, the waves are generally calmer, making conditions ideal for snorkeling or scuba diving for taking a boat out to Buck Island! 

Contact us today to make a reservation to come and enjoy a tranquil summer stay – or your next winter’s vacation – at Longford Hideaway!