Longford Hideaway is a green vacation spot in the literal and ecological sense. This is a place to retreat, a place where our guests are surrounded by small discoveries of natural beauty. It is our family’s philosophy that in order to enjoy nature’s beauty we must respect, protect and preserve her. St. Croix is a small island with limited rainfall. Many things normally taken for granted in the mainland, including fossil fuels, must be shipped from afar, so a conservation philosophy is our response. We are walking the walk when it comes to a vacation offering that is eco-friendly, and while with us you will:

  • Go solar!
    • much of the electricity used during daylight hours is provided by our PV power grid
    • our pool pump is solar powered
    • hot water in the Greathouse is solar-heated
  • Eat REALLY local: the ARTfarm is an organic vegetable and livestock farm on the property
  • Reduce chemical dependence:
    • the pool uses a salt-based sanitizing system that uses fewer, and more benign, chemicals
    • use of food-grade items and eco-friendly soaps instead of harsh chemicals for household cleaning
  • Conserve fossil fuels and non-renewable resources:
    • we maintain and repair things instead of purchasing new – please forgive a few outdated but still clean and functional furnishings!
    • use of ceiling fans instead of air conditioning in our homes
    • planting and maintaining native trees to shade and cool the property
    • reusing “gray water” (sink and shower outflow) for landscape irrigation
    • we drive a hybrid vehicle
    • we’re religious about using reusable cloth bags for shopping

The ARTfarm uses “beyond-organic” farming practices:

  • following USDA NOP standards that require abstinence from the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  • using sustainable, regenerative fertility practices that build up soil health and biodiversity
  • reducing the island’s waste stream by using food waste from restaurant kitchens to make compost
  • avoiding the import of agricultural products or “inputs” to the farm if they can be sourced locally or eliminated entirely
  • following USDA NRCS long-term soil conservation plans to plant trees and manage pasture that encourages biodiversity and prevents erosion
  • following AWA guidelines for livestock care and treatment
  • using human or animal power and permaculture solutions instead of machine power where practical
  • using solar power for water pumping and powering electrified fencing

We kindly ask our guests to practice as many of these earth-respecting practices as possible during your stay:

  • turn off and unplug electrical devices when not in use
  • be gentle with furnishings so that they may last longer before replacement
  • reuse plastic bags and containers (avoid acquiring them!)
  • reserve all kitchen waste (paper towels, vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells etc.) in a covered container in the fridge or freezer for composting
  • take ‘military’ showers and don’t let sink water run (water on to wet, turn off to wash, on to rinse)
  • use natural pest repellent and control methods
  • use reef-safe sunblocks at the beach
  • buy durable, locally made and reusable products as much as possible
  • purchase as little as possible, in minimal or no packaging if possible
  • save cans rinsed and uncrushed for recycling
  • save clean magazines and newspapers – we can donate them

We strive to be as organically-minded, sustainable and low impact with our vacation rentals as with our farming practices!

Most of our guests share our concerns, and appreciate island farm life for this added attention to resource conservation. It is no accident that our Longford Hideaway is a naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly accommodation. We’ve been working at it for over 50 years.