Rates & Policies


We keep the rates at Longford Hideaway a bit below market prices. You’ll find that you will have much more privacy and freedom (including exclusive use of our swimming pool and a full kitchen) than you would at a higher priced commercial hotel or resort.

Comparatively speaking, Longford is a real bargain and a very unique vacation opportunity. We look forward to your visit!


Occupancy High Season Low Season
Daily Rates 2 (master bedroom) 275 220
3 (2 bedrooms) $350 $280
4 (2 bedrooms) $400 $320
4 (3 bedrooms) $425 $340
5-6 (3 bedrooms) $475 $390

Weekly Rates 2 (master bedroom) $1750 $1400
3 (2 bedrooms) $2200 $1760
4 (2 bedrooms) $2550 $2040
4 (3 bedrooms) $2700 $2160
5-6 (3 bedrooms) $3000 $2400


Occupancy High Season Low Season
Daily Rates 2 $140 $120
3 $170 $140
4 $200 $160

Weekly Rates 2 $900 $750
3 $1100 $900
4 $1250 $1050


One-time housekeeping prep charges apply. Consider staying longer!
Greathouse: $150 for 1 bedroom, $250 for 2 bedrooms, $350 for 3 bedrooms.
Cottage: $100 for one or two guests (plus $10 per additional guest).

Air conditioning: $30 extra per week ($5/day) per unit.  (The Greathouse has one A/C unit, in the master bedroom; the cottage has two A/C units, one in the living area and one in the bedroom.)
Please note: Pricing on the A/C is for a 12 hour per day maximum. Unit(s) should be shut off when leaving or at night. Use of the A/C is an option, not a necessity. Both the Cottage and the Greathouse have sufficient shade, natural breezes, ventilation and fans to satisfy the average comfort requirement. Most guests do not use the A/C, and we personally do not use air conditioning in line with our mission statement.

Self-serve Laundry: $1.50 per load. Line dry in the Caribbean sunshine! Unless extenuating circumstances emerge, guests will be provided with a single set of linens for the duration of their stay.

A 12.5% USVI Room Tax will be added to your final bill.



A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. We require a minimum stay (charge) of 4 days.

Your deposit will be refunded if a LOW SEASON reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to booked arrival date, less a cancellation fee: Greathouse $150, Cottage $100.

Your deposit will be refunded if a HIGH SEASON reservation is cancelled 60 days prior to booked arrival date, less a cancellation fee: Greathouse $300, Cottage $150.


Low season: April 16th through December 14th

High season: December 15th through April 15th

Holiday season (December 21st through January 6th): Because we operate just two rental units, we hold the following policy if you are planning your stay during the holiday season: A one week stay at our regular weekly rate may include either the Christmas or New Year’s holiday. If you stay for both holidays, there is a two week (charge) minimum, or a surcharge of 20% on your stay, whichever is less.

We offer a 10% discount for guests who reserve and stay for one month or more. We reserve the right to limit guest stays on a case by case basis.


All rates are in U.S. dollars. We accept cash, money orders and personal checks for payment (sorry, no credit cards).  Your deposit holds your reservation from the date that your deposit check clears.


The entire property, including the Longford Hideaway Greathouse and Cottage, the exteriors of the buildings, and the vegetable farm and gardens which surround them, are a strictly NO SMOKING/NO TOBACCO area.

This is for two important reasons; First due to biosecurity: There is a serious and highly contagious plant disease transmissible through tobacco leaves, resin, and residue (from clothing or skin) called “Tomato-Tobacco Mosiac Virus” which can adversely and permanently affect the vegetable crops from which we derive the majority of our family’s income. Secondly, our smoking ban honors our commitment to a sustainable, healthy environment for ourselves and our family members living on the property. Recent studies have shown that both second and third-hand smoke from cigarettes leave residues that are toxic and hazardous, particularly for young children.

We appreciate your understanding that we cannot be flexible about this.


The ARTfarm, adjoining the Longford Hideaway rental, is a real commercial vegetable and livestock farm, and we ask that guests respect farm boundaries and rules, and ask for permission and guidance from your hosts or from ARTfarm managers Luca or Christina Gasperi before venturing beyond our spacious yard into working farm areas.

The ARTfarm is an industrial Employees Only zone that you enter at your own risk. The rules are simple:

  • Don’t hurt the plants or animals (ask before picking or petting!)
  • Don’t hurt yourself
  • Leave things (especially gates, enclosures) as you found them
  • When in doubt, ask first

ARTfarm’s commercial crop plants, irrigation equipment and soil beds are delicate, valuable, and easily damaged by foot traffic or handling. Poultry and livestock can be injured, stressed or killed by chasing, harrassment or littering, and can respond unpredictably to provocation, potentially causing injury. Unmarked hazards can and do exist on the farm, including deep holes, large and small bodies of water, construction sites, sharp tools, bee hives, large and/or aggressive animals, chemicals, hidden pipes, electrified fencing and machinery, that are potentially dangerous for unsupervised children or adults.

When in doubt please ask! We are happy to show our guests around the farm, identify visitor-friendly areas, explain our sustainable growing methods, and answer any questions you might have. Some of our guests have enjoyed volunteering for some light farm chores or projects during their stay.


Longford Hideaway is particularly fun for kids. They love our pool, they love the farm setting, and as seasonal farm activities permit, kids and parents can get an up-close look at livestock, pineapples growing, and other tropical fruit and vegetable crops.

We ask that children ALWAYS be supervised by a responsible parent or guardian during your stay. For your own safety, please ask for guidance from your hosts or from ARTfarm managers Luca or Christina Gasperi on safe areas to visit on the farm. We want children to explore and learn new things, but please allow us to give you a brief tour and help you to identify potential hazards, off-limit or fragile zones, and suggest appropriate areas to visit, hike, climb, run, dig, explore and enjoy with your kids.


No pets are permitted in the rental units, and no visiting animals are permitted on the property. The rental units must remain pet-free so that we can offer the accommodations to those with allergies. Visiting animals, including the best-trained pets, can behave unpredictably and experience stress in a strange environment, particularly a farm with ranch animals and wildlife. For the welfare of your pets, and of our livestock, poultry and wildlife, it is safest for your pets to stay at home. Do share pictures of your furry loved ones with us, though!

Please also note, our local animal shelter needs your help. If you would like a Crucian Terrier or Coconut Cat to take home with you, the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center (STX AWC) and the VI Humane Learning Center offer animals for adoption to visitors. If you are not ready to adopt your own, consider the Pets From Paradise and LOVE IS IN THE AIR programs which allow our shelter to ship adoptable animals to partnering shelters when they travel (in cargo or cabin) with a departing visitor. Shelter volunteers meet your flights at the airports to drop off and pick up the animal co-traveller in an airline-approved kennel, so it’s an easy way to help.


Longford Hideaway is an eco-friendly rental on an organic farm. We ask guests to heighten their consciousness and join our family in conserving resources, removing their own trash and recyclables from the unit, and abstaining from the use of chemicals while staying with us.

For more information, please review our Eco-accommodations page.


Finally, we wish to make it clear that we take guest concerns very seriously, and that in our communications we attempt to be meticulously honest about the ‘rough edges’ that come with staying in a historic homestay on a family farm. We can only remedy a situation if it is promptly brought to our attention. We want to give our guests clear expectations about the unique experience we offer; and we are eager to receive feedback and answer any questions, clarify policies and be flexible and accommodating, to make your visit a relaxing and rejuvenating one. This is not a terribly profitable enterprise; but we do it because we are so blessed and we enjoy sharing this amazing and peaceful little corner of the world with others. Please, please, if you have a complaint or concern, don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention and give us a chance to make it right.