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GUESTBOOK Reviews: At the end of their stay, we invite our guests to write about their experience in our old fashioned guestbook. Below, please find excerpts copied out of the book handwritten by some of our past renters.

Dear Valeria, Luca & Kiko,

We have had two wonderful weeks here in Longford.

Thanks to you Luca, for showing us all around your property. You were so ready with an answer to all of Victoria’s questions.

Thanks to you all

Heidi, Alex
Victoria & Philip


Dear Gasperis

Thank you so much for opening your little piece of heaven for us to share. Luca was a wonderful host. We truly enjoyed the peaceful solitude and loved all of the animals. If you should ever find yourself in Texas please let us know so that we may have an opportunity to return your hospitality.

May God richly bless you

George & Kim


Valeria, Kiko & Luca (all the animals too)

Alisha & I certainly have enjoyed our stay. It went by too fast, that’s our only complaint.

We needed a break from work, school and the many hassles we face at home. We found that in this quiet, quaint spot of the island.

Thank you for opening your hearts and home to us. We will come again, perhaps next year.

Til then – God Bless and take care

Elaine & Alisha


Thanks for the lovely accommodations and friendly advice. We had a great time and hope to come back.


Lew & Diana


Thanks especially to Luca for the personalized snorkel trip – we enjoyed the secret spots!


Claudia & David


It seems like yesterday we were last here. That’s how it is with good friends. We had a wonderful time revisiting our favorite beaches – Grapetree, and Great Pond Bay. We had so much rest and relaxation, we will be in shock when we get back home.

When we come back again we hope to be here for the “Jump Up” festival. We will be back!

AnnMarie and Bill


Dear Gasperi family –

We so enjoyed our two week vacation at your lovely cottage and we look forward to telling our friends about this bit of paradise. We are certain to be here again!


Agnes, Richard & Ava


Dear Gasperis –

We have been so happy to call the Longford Hideaway home for the past two weeks! It is wonderful to stay in such a warm and real environment full of the real island – I don’t think we would have been nearly as happy in a hotel! We have eaten, slept and swam our way to happiness… We will always remember our first anniversary!


Lauren & Doug



Thanks everyone for your gracious hospitality & making me feel like this is my second home. I cannot wait to return again.

Thanks & see you soon



Carrissima signora Valeria, Luca e Duke!

Mille grazie per la sua l’ospitalita’ e cadeale aiulo durante el nostro piccolo soggiuno a Longford! Questo é sfala una piacevole esperienza e con speranza ad un prexo arrivedere!!!





Longford, il mare, i posciot, le spiagge, i manghi, Kentuchy Fried Chicken, il paté ma soprattutto, LA FANTASTICA OSPITALITA´. Quindi non ci rimane altro che ringresiarvi tuti (animali compresi) pre avere reso il mostro viaggio di nozze veramente speciale.

Con affetto

Michele e Sara


Sunrise and sunset were fantastic. The cottage has a great view and the setting was very relaxing. We love the animals.

You all are such gracious hosts. I feel as though I have just visited with an unmet relative.

Tim and Mage


Dear Valeria,

The stay was amazing – from your incredible hospitality to the beautiful island as a whole. The beaches were beautiful – two of which were soooo close and became ‘ours’ while we were using them!! …it was such a needed vacation with all the tranquility we needed just here at the cottage and pool – everything else was a bonus! You can bank on us sending others to visit your hidden treasure! Thanks.

Carrie and Kenny


Dear Valeria,

This place is a gem-stone of the earth. Linda and I felt so fortunate to have found it on the internet. This has become a second home to me and I will never forget.

Bill and Linda

Gentle Senepol cows grazing in the pastures east of the Cottage, circa 2002.
Gentle Senepol cows grazing in the pastures east of the Cottage, circa 2002.